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photo essay of when we invaded ruins

Sao Paulo, 2015

21st century city, the established city, proposing to deal with determined spaces and circumstances. the chosen path was precisely to understand the pre-existing matter that presents the processes of constant action and subtraction in the clearest possible way. the passage of time stamped on the material. doom. ruin houses the time of a city absorbs elements of the city in its own time black hole displaces elements of the city to its dimension subtraction of an urban context by the immersion of the specific concept-space addition by personal experience by depositing its own stage I. analyze. EXPERIMENTAL PROCESS unraveling ruin. make it naked, a body inside out. compose the space without being in it through objects collected with the intention of bringing the building to another conceptual space / time. static sign (space; hospital, big house, building) - support for the passage of time. seeks a similarity of space based on the concept of ruin. within that, the address loses its meaning. Within this discourse and experience, invisible bridges are built to signal these portals. spatial elements are common. experience of the body and the eye. eye pit. eye of the well.

We are a family owned and operated business.

text by pedro levorin

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