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oikos manifest

The Brazilian language is miscegenated, it is sex and rapes of linguistic variations. The dominant written grammatical basis is Portuguese, a reflection of the domination over other cultures that inhabited and inhabit South America. Etymology is a discipline that deals with the description of a word in different previous language states, until it goes back to the etymology. Stories are revealed synthesized in just words. The strength of the name translates in a pure and sincere way accumulations of lives, signs and meanings. During the first centuries of Portuguese occupation in São Paulo, the city was known as Piratininga - which in turn derives from pirá (fish) + tininga (dry), from where "dried fish", in reference to the Tietê river. Fertile territory, permeated by rivers, land of oxum, ogum, fishing activity by natives. The cruel process of European occupation named these lands São Paulo, the biggest propagator of Christianity after Christ. Obviously, the floor is scratched as property, immortalized by the schoolyard, catalyst of Christianity as a weapon of inhuman domination. Checkmate. At that moment, barbarism begins, bound to environmental ethical failure.
The centuries pass, now close to the new millennium. God is a hundred bill. The sharp industrial urban development, brought about the emergence of the distress situation of natural ecosystems that had been devastated by man. The native and virgin nature is then extinct, as there was a miscegenation of the species, making them hybrid: Japanese, European, Arab sex, etc ... it is the nature of the 3rd generation. This all reflects the Brazilian environmental cultural construction and also corresponds to the new world order system.
This trip to the past is necessary, as the present and future continue in arithmetic progression.
The resulting city is saturated, unhealthy, claustrophobic, sterile, arid ... The healing power clearly resides in the natural systems_in the ecosystem [etymology]. Ecologis derives from two Greek words: oikos (house) and logia (science). Associated with the environment, it is referred to as the "home of living beings". ... The Greek Theophrasto, a follower of the philosopher Aristotle, was the first to observe and describe the relationships of the organisms with each other and with the environment that surrounds them. The habitat among the tropics is very rich in biodiversity, so we understand the medicinal, food domain. , synchrony with human life, in addition to hidden and landscape powers. Urbanoids are far from harmony with oikos, they are poor beings. Very poor and sick.
The importance of coexistence between human beings and nature is extremely important [see anthropological ecology]. The discovery of the wild self, both in psychology and in the relationship between subject and subject is necessary and uterine. It is cradle, creation and training.
There is no property in ecology! - different from the current capitalist principle. - There are exchanges within systems, which vary between vegetable - mineral - animal --- earth - fire - air - water --- and several other categories

An ecological manifesto intends to build a strip that cuts through the consolidated urban fabric to reincarnate natural agents (fauna, flora, water, air, fire and earth) for potential identification, wholesome and anarchic. Crack. Slit.
The seed of this body is born in the Serra da Cantareira, a territory that is even less contaminated by the cities and travels through the city towards the castrating and catechizing sign of São Paulo: the schoolyard. This path reveals the diverse biomes and ancestral histories. On the other hand, this chronospatial route (chronos = chronological) emphasizes the urban flow to the necessary primitive contact with the Serra da Cantareira¹. In other words, a crack that invites urban beings to flow towards the mountains.
The action disagrees with the silly and superficial proposals on “sustainability” (media bombardment) that, in a reactionary way, still regard Gaya's power as simply a contemplative and rococo end, which end up boxing the natural force in parks.
Ecological manifest follows (not) natural rules. It is anarchic par excellence; without permission, as it is opposed to the system (regular alienating orthogonal rational) in force. The protest believes in the strength of environmental reincarnation as a healing power for the anesthetized and gray city. The roots must raise asphalt, the waters must be full and dry, I breathe, the stars must see, the sun must nourish. Chlorophyll is synthesis.

¹Name given by the tropeiros in the 16th and 17th centuries, due to the large number of springs and streams found here. At that time, water was kept in large jars called pitchers (a type of Greek vase used for drinking. It had two vertical wings and was normally high in base. Pitchers appeared before the 8th century BC). Cantareira was the name of the shelves where the pitchers were kept

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