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The furniture triggers an understanding and appreciation of the geometry, structure and constructive details, presenting itself in scenic aspects of composition in its landing: living room, pantry, studio, balcony, garden, etc ...
The adequacy between design and manufacture, materializes between cold and hot. Minerals combined with stone and metal, are juxtaposed in aseptic use for the preparation of drinks. Structurally in polished brass support fractals in green marble unfold for the delay, while in its complementary line the pro-dry is cold.
In fluctuation the mirror profile makes up the woody volume, which thermally embraces the storage of drinks. Doors open to its middle, revealing a swiveling surface for easy access to bottles, as well as cup holders, cups and suitable tools.
As a functional support, a brief wooden face slides for any citrus cuts that accompany drinks.
The atmosphere in totality is formed in the pastiche of different languages, united by the nostalgic desire of the crazy twenties, associated with the geometrized reinvention.

We are a family owned and operated business.

In partnership with:

Carolina SImão

Gabriel Cesar

Gabriela Pini

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