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logo for theoretical physics institution - unesp

Designing a new design for IFT's identity means thinking about a well-resolved sign as a synthesis that signals an extremely extensive, complex, and profound theoretical field.
The graphic-visual act has as its starting point the spectrum that goes beyond the norm and mathematical principle that makes up the common concept of physics, and then crosses the malleable, poetic, and volatile universe that is also present within the conception.
The proposal transcends and extrapolates the square as a formal control. The combined lines, individually recognized, form and reform a visual element. They are spaces, waves, strings, dimensions, frequencies, etc. The thread and weft that connects us with the micro and macro.
Considering the proposed language, the practicality of technical reproduction, and the ease of reading, we chose the universally versatile chromatic choice: black, which absorbs.
The typography is represented by the Swiss font: sober, regular, and neutral. The extension of the graphic sign exposes the strength of the name as a totality and potency of representation. Its horizontal body seeks visual rhythm in the composition.
Finally, the concept of the graphic sign unites symbolic image, text and chrome, and thus incorporates the set of values of a recognized institution with knowledge to be transmitted to society, in order to encourage scientific interest.

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