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The way we think directly interferes with the way we do and vice versa. In this sense, our concepts, ideas and perceptions are directly materialized in the architectural projects that we do and these projects also interfere with the concepts, ideas and perceptions of those who inhabit them. Thus, we grow and develop our individual, receiving daily, through space, social rules established by our culture.
Among these rules that determine each space are the rules that govern sexuality. The way we think or understand sexuality makes the spaces we design follow the same demands.
To understand this cultural legacy of sexuality, we analyzed Playboy magazine based on the book “Arquitetura e Sexualidade. 1000m2 of design ”from the Center for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona in order to understand through pornography and house designs for single men (made by the magazine) the set of rules that govern sexuality in the contemporary, with traces of their Catholic and patriarchal ancestry .
Thus, we open a key issue for the job; How does the design of the space determine the sexual behavior of its inhabitants? How does it condition moral values about sexuality?
Being limited by spaces that surround it increasingly narrowed between producing and consuming.
For this research, we chose for the field study a section of General Jardim street of two buildings; a motel and a residential building with commercial ground floor. The use of the ground floor of the residential building has a strong relationship with the body, aesthetics and sexuality, which permeates store windows; the motel in turn, being objectively linked to sexuality is veiled by a wall and opens to the street only through the entrance door, praising the stigma of the motel space as something strictly private and veiled, even in the context of its implantation that has an intense use of programs related to sexuality, marked mainly by prostitution.
Thus, the search for this work became to dignify sexuality in space and time, creating material levels that contemplate its existence, in order to value temporal, spatial and cultural heterogeneity. A design of the space that adds sexuality re-defines our relationship with it because it makes it accepted and not denied. The way of thinking about sexuality and doing architecture has the potential to create levels for people to experience their sexuality and discover their enjoyment.

facade motel san marino

general garden street

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