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Rua General Jardim, SP

lung extension

Today's sterile space, concretized, is the space that will be the stage of life and a moment of synchronization with the city. The feature does not propose to be an objective crossing space, because its fertile ground will be a nursery of an imminent manifestation of nature in an apparently hard, infertile metropolitan center. The route that begins with an opening on Rua Araújo (current parking lot) ends at the heart of the college, the academic center. It presents to the passerby and to those who attend the city school a moment of breathing and recreation [from Latin, recreate]. The curiously existing nature conditions a sensorial and completely unique appropriation of the city and its daily dynamics.
Pre-existing lattice structures are preserved and thus the transition from different levels is proposed, by mesanines. This extended-horizontal microclimate opposes and completes the slight verticality of the city school building and its surroundings.

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