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When the summer is over, the tourist money, the exploited labor, the white hairs, the gloom are gone. Those who remain are the natives with their ancestry and the geological layers. The records present an intimate encounter with beings-entities of the extreme-south-indigenous-of-Bahia. It is ritual, celebration, toil, work and laziness, and the force of nature. Encaboclados are protagonists, as they represent a chronological rhyme: they both preserve the most traditional and instinctive customs of the people, as well as seduce themselves with the ills of contemporary times, in addition to being the most beautiful of the beautiful, as beauty.
Territory anarchized by the people and ignored by the state, its non-rules are its own authorship. The taste of the photos is Neptune's ginger flavored drink and guaiamum. Mouth flavor guaiamum with feet wrinkled with rain. Rain and sweat. Salt and sun. Women at home and men eating them on the street. Women on the street eating men by the sea. The full moon eating everyone and protecting the werewolves. For lunch, breakfast and dinner is puba flour. Many eat without drama because they have no teeth. And they have no teeth because they eat. They have no teeth, but they have a mouth to eat. They are cicada people that come out of the land in the summer to reproduce, in the winter they say they die, but that's when they are more alive than ever. They are attached.

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