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wandering letters

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We are a family owned and operated business.

Great-grandmother jandira with purple hair jumped 100 rope jumps on Wednesdays at 80 years of age. after bathing in a very hot porcelain bathtub on xxxx street in Pacaembu, he would collide with a glass of very cold water. He smoked cigarettes and bluffed poker very well and very badly. Almost at the end of his life he pushed all over his rural properties in the interior and then lost everything.

Grandma Georges Makhoul, a Syrian of origin and the best fabric merchant for 25, frequented club homns with cards. The custom extended to his home, and even the carpets with symmetrical designs were of aesthetics of the letters.

My father taught me to play everything, my friends a little more. Intuition showed me the tarot, magic always made me a bee and wit makes me a champion in truco.

But don't forget: no luck in the game, happy in love

The cards are errant because they are assumed as a profanity of life, that free themselves by 50% of luck and the rest by chance. It is shame and love.

Wandering letters unleash graphic intimacies. Intimate visual references present in the intern that appear in the story as a possibility of luck and bad luck. The other can be an ally or an opponent. Save good letter to the final kkkkkkkk.

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