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act theater bixiga river park

scenic architecture

Theater entrance, portal between Jaceguai street and Lina Bo Bardi street,
Bordered by a curtain of herbs: boldinho mint rosemary arruda colonia

~~ different lines of representatives ~~~

the demassacre board full of pins, for the delicacy of piercing the Bixigas, of organic matter.

The sound of the Bixiga river captured at the Japurá street visiting post is projected by the space

Cast Yamabuchis followed by
yamabuchis guests,
start the action:
They take the needles off the boards to pierce, release river bixiga.
Cacilda Ariadne Lulu

They lead public to the terrain.

Exit through the arches of the alley.

The audience-actuator goes through the portal.

Bixigas water joined by a cord that form the big snake, in the space of the old nick bar

Bixigas are placed at the level of the belly,
No ki
and as a monk, guided by Marcelo, sequenced by Yamabuchis,
Crowd choir begins path that ends with the settlement of Bixigas in the whitewashed design of the Bixiga river on the ground

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

in colaboration with:
marilia gallmeister
marcelo xis
bruno rissardo
Luis Felipe Orlando

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