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ccsp, sao paulo

exhibition and curatorial project

Ambulantis appropriates common everyday images, dealing with the particular taste of a
social class. Images that are part of urban imagery, belonging to the culture of
mass, ranging from advertisements to the online virtual scene. the miscellaneous of objects, colors
and narratives expresses a trash-pop aesthetic.
The following account, by Leda Catunda, one of the artists selected for the exhibition,
clarifying the atmosphere of the exhibition, with the intention of potentiating the feeling of
“A boy with“ Neymar's hairstyle ”arrives at the Rock Gallery in São Paulo with the money
counted in notes stretched out in his hand and asks for a “Vans” T-shirt. The ritual is complete
when he wears it, and now with one of the most popular brands in the skateboarding world
on his chest, he passes from the store to the halls of the gallery transformed into his expression.
Safe, now it is fully part of the scenario around him, identified, as who is with
the right clothes in the right place ... ”

Ambulantis is an itinerant-interactive exhibition that wanders through space, conducted by
Visitor. The works are distributed in a camel cart [the origin of the word camelô
arabic khamlat, name given to rustic fabrics sold in street markets and
shouted by the sellers, the street vendors of centuries ago. That's when it became popular,
in France, the verb cameloter, to sell trinkets, things of little value, in the word
eloquent and vibrant street vendor, who chooses a busy place on a public road:
preferably, with intense pass-through: to advertise your goods. It's the seller
street vendor that proclaims bungigangs to bestified audiences.]
the cultural center são paulo, and can be established in some points by providing the
permanence for the public to watch the movies, or even, to hear a sound

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